Fond mulchers, please know that I have published a sparky little artbook called Small Birdsongs, volume one.
It is an unorthodox and obsessive ode to the good common birds!
Rich in color and character, it is a 9x6" hardcover with 56 thick uncoated matte pages of the highest quality!
The book is Smyth-sewn (the best!) and is available in three different colors:

In my most arrogant moments I delight to think of it as
"a fake but very earnest thesis as written and illustrated by a high-functioning bonkers-type,
in love with birds but whose approach is more poetic than scientific,
and who probably stayed too long at the duckpond, etc."

Designed, printed, and bound exclusively in Southern Ontario, this limited-edition spicer is "not available in stores"
and can be easily acquired by clicking the festive button below!

I welcome correspondences; please write:

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